Friday, September 3, 2010

Grand Seiko 5646-7000

This is one of my 56GS. It was produced in early 1970's in Suwa Seikosha. The 56GS marked the era of mass production with the aid of robotic automated process. There are also concept of standardization of design and movement. Therefore the 56GS shared identical movement with King Seiko, and Lordmatics. However the GS movement had a better finish and was tweaked to GS standard accuracy.

What I like about this watch is the slightly widebody stainless steel case. Also the hour, minute and second hands are slim and quite characteristic in matching the white plain dial. The only downside of this particular watch is the aging stain at the 3 o'clock... nevertheless it is still a magnificent time piece. 
The5646A is a 25 jewels adjusted to 5 positions day-date movement with an amplitude of 28,800 beats per hour.

This is an all original watch... seeing is believing and one will never know how beautiful a GS is without holding it............ After the 56GS.... Grand Seiko perished for a while and Seiko putting all emphasis on Quart watches.... It was almost 20 years before Seiko reintroduce the best of its time pieces; the Grand Seiko range of mechanical watches..... 

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