Sunday, November 19, 2023

Fake Watches for Fake peoples: Rolex Open heart

 Rolex Model 123456???

Yes this is a fake Rolex. It is 110% FAKE.... but it has 120% in originality and creativity. Unlike the genuine Rolexes that are ever boring and ever monotonous. 

Yes I am a fake people and I do buy fake watches. I love watches; be it genuine or fake. It doesn't matter if it costs a million or a few dollars....

I bought this watch during Covid's MCO period. I saw this watch in Lazada. Well, I guess I was stressed or bored. Had to have something to spice up my life! 

This thing has zero resemblance with any known Rolexes. The case, the crown and the bracelet are all terrible in quality. The movement is a very poor China Made. I mean for RM110++ (or about USD25), what do you expect? A lot of watch experts would call it Junk...... and with morality about supporting pirate and evil regimes.... Well, spare me the high morality ground, I am just an ordinary people....

I bought the watch merely to savage its dial. Yes I was thinking of doing a project Rolex Oyster Open Heart. 

The case and the bracelet are dead give away for even laymen to know this is a fake! 

The crown also of very poor quality..... 

You have to give the manufacturer some credit; this has transparent back case! It tooks Rolex SA 118 years to finally comes up with a see through back case. Yes, the currently very hard to get and one of the rarest 2023 Rolex Daytona Le Mans Platinum edition 126529LN. 

Back to the toy watch I have here......

The president bracelet and the crown clasp are alright..... The finishing is just gross and I have little confidence in the metal used. 

In quick conclusion, I just bought the watch for its artistic values. Personally I won't wear it. Wait until I have extra bucks to rebuild it......

Just my two cents worth; Luxurious watches are now obnoxiously overpriced products and most of the time you cannot even purchase direct from Authorised dealers or their Boutiques. I really cannot comprehend why I need to pay so much more than the Recommended Selling Price (RSP) or the normal price tag. All I see in the watch industry are greed and on slaughtering their faithful customers.... and yet no authorities are taking action against all these dishonest practices. 

PS: I am still trying to find better lamps for me to take better quality photos. Quite disappointing the images quality!

Monday, June 28, 2021

Titoni Cosmo King: The Spirit of Rocky Balboa

Initially going to name this post "Kiss Me Under the Thousand Stars", but after watching Rocky Balboa on the satellite TV, I decided to name it "The Spirit of Rocky Balboa".

This watch was in very bad shaped. Kind of getting conned by eBay Hong Kong seller. The case and the bezel were broken. The crown was aftermarket.... So practically only the movement, the dial and the bracelet can be salvaged. This watch has suffered one hell of a beating. Read Here!

You see I refused to let this watch goes. I depleted every mean to restore it. Failed miserably several times and wasted couples of hard earned Benjamin. With the undying spirit of Rocky Balboa, finally it is presentable again. 

Have to give thanks to TaoBao. I managed to get an aftermarket Titoni case and rim from TaoBao. You can source virtually anything from the internet if you know what you are looking for, where you are looking for and some sheer lucks as well.......

Well surfing at TaoBao, you see replacement cases for basically all the famous brands..... Audemars Piguet, Patek Philipe, Rolex, Tudor, Panerai etc etc... The sky, the limit.... Not a bad place for those who loves to modifying their watches or just simply starting a project watch. 

Photos speak a thousand words. Just a footnote, the bracelet is original Titoni. Please don't expect the replacement case to be anywhere near the original but it is a good bargain.......

Friday, April 2, 2021

China Airforce: Seagull 1963 Chronograph

Take me to the Sky...... Vintage Chronograph reissued

This is the second watch I bought in 2020. During the MCO period, nothing much could be done but stayed at home and surfed. Covid-19 caused an exponential increase in internet sales. While those physical shops suffered, virtual market places like ebay, Lazada, TaoBao, Shoppee etc blossomed. I also saw a lot of entrepreneurs and celebrities wanna-be broadcasting themselves in facebook..... Well is a weird weird world after all......

I bought this watch through Shopee. After inflicting an injury of RM699, the watch finally arrived after a week. I had been surveying about this watch for a year or so....

The watch comes in a rectangle shaped navy blue paper box. A red communist star and the word Mechanical are embossed on the box.

Upon opening the box, you will see two cards. The white card stated China Air Force Chronograph Reissued (1963). It is basically a warranty card that provided 12 months guarantee of reliability and any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. 

The second brown colour card is actually a simplified product instruction manual. Most watch enthusiasts really play little attention to this...... You may also notice that this watch comes with a spare brown genuine leather strap. 

By the modern standard, this is a relatively small watch. Its diameter is 38mm with lug size of 18mm. Being a military issued watch, it is all about functionality. No fancy design or whatsoever, it just simple and practical. 

Several versions of this watch are available on internet.... Some with 19 Zuan (Jewels) but I opted for this 21 Zuan (Jewels); the more jewels the merrier. There is also those equipped with sapphire glass, but wanting it to stay as original as those wore by the Chinese Air Force fighters.... I decided to go for one with dome shaped acrylic crystal. 

The dial is milky green in colour, decorated with golden triangular indexes at odd numbers. Arabic numeric filled the even gaps. Underneath the 12, there is a golden framed red star symbolized the Communist party. Don't get me wrong, I am not stereotyping against Communism..... I am here only appreciating the watch; nothing more, nothing less.

The blue stick shaped hour and minute hands served the purpose of a military watch. I like the red chronograph second counter, very striking and aggressive looking. Above the six o'clock, it stated China and Tianjin Watch Factory. 

There is also a Star at the crown. The chronograph push buttons are plain and simple. The green Nato strap really brings out the character of a military watch. 

This watch comes with a see through case back. A modern twist for the 1963 reissued chronograph. 

From the case back, one can appreciate the mechanical marvel of this 21 Jewels ST19 movement. ST19 is a movement developed in 1961 by Tianjin Watch Factory under the instruction of Chinese government under the project 304. 

Project 304 was to develop a Chinese built chronograph watch for the People's Liberation Army Air Force. Tianjin Watch Factory bought the pattern for the 17 jewels Calibre 175 from Venus Watch of Switzerland. They improved and upgraded it to 19 Jewels. 

So is a pretty modest price to pay for a reputable Military grade chronograph watch. Just that this watch is pretty small for my wrist. Guess no fighter pilot is so well build like I do....... I can never squeeze myself into a fighter jet cockpit.