Sunday, November 19, 2023

Fake Watches for Fake peoples: Rolex Open heart

 Rolex Model 123456???

Yes this is a fake Rolex. It is 110% FAKE.... but it has 120% in originality and creativity. Unlike the genuine Rolexes that are ever boring and ever monotonous. 

Yes I am a fake people and I do buy fake watches. I love watches; be it genuine or fake. It doesn't matter if it costs a million or a few dollars....

I bought this watch during Covid's MCO period. I saw this watch in Lazada. Well, I guess I was stressed or bored. Had to have something to spice up my life! 

This thing has zero resemblance with any known Rolexes. The case, the crown and the bracelet are all terrible in quality. The movement is a very poor China Made. I mean for RM110++ (or about USD25), what do you expect? A lot of watch experts would call it Junk...... and with morality about supporting pirate and evil regimes.... Well, spare me the high morality ground, I am just an ordinary people....

I bought the watch merely to savage its dial. Yes I was thinking of doing a project Rolex Oyster Open Heart. 

The case and the bracelet are dead give away for even laymen to know this is a fake! 

The crown also of very poor quality..... 

You have to give the manufacturer some credit; this has transparent back case! It tooks Rolex SA 118 years to finally comes up with a see through back case. Yes, the currently very hard to get and one of the rarest 2023 Rolex Daytona Le Mans Platinum edition 126529LN. 

Back to the toy watch I have here......

The president bracelet and the crown clasp are alright..... The finishing is just gross and I have little confidence in the metal used. 

In quick conclusion, I just bought the watch for its artistic values. Personally I won't wear it. Wait until I have extra bucks to rebuild it......

Just my two cents worth; Luxurious watches are now obnoxiously overpriced products and most of the time you cannot even purchase direct from Authorised dealers or their Boutiques. I really cannot comprehend why I need to pay so much more than the Recommended Selling Price (RSP) or the normal price tag. All I see in the watch industry are greed and on slaughtering their faithful customers.... and yet no authorities are taking action against all these dishonest practices. 

PS: I am still trying to find better lamps for me to take better quality photos. Quite disappointing the images quality!

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  1. I need some help identifying this. I am suspect that this is a fake/franken. I got this as a gift for my dad but his friend said it is a fake.

    I also posted here in Watchuseek