Monday, August 18, 2014

When brand isn't everything...... Quality rules

Seastar Datejust, homage to Rolex Lady Datejust

The other day, I was looking for a watch for my eldest sister. The 25th Hours watch that I gave her 14th years ago has had it toll. She is not the type that romances with her watch. For her, watch is a tool to tell correct and accurate time. It is something that wear and tear with time. However, she would remain loyal with a single timepiece....; a timepiece at a time.....

So it was a Saturday afternoon, where like usual, I was rushing for time and air. I dropped by a friend's watch boutique and window shopping for a descent daily working watch.... A Tissot, a Seiko, and an Orient caught my eyes... the Tissot is a little too prestige for rough use; the Seiko is simple and nice but with a leather strap; the Orient is elegance but is an automatic...... called me stereotyping, I noticed majority of ladies prefer their watch working non stop even if they are not wearing it. Also they find it astronomically tedious to adjust time..... 

At the last cabinet underneath the Suunto and Sandoz, I saw this classical Rolex look alike Seastar. Seastar is the in-house brand of my friend's shop. It is a registered trade mark! I don't know why he chose Seastar as a brand name.... maybe because of Tissot Seastar series.... But I would prefer he opted for a more sophisticated name, something that can one day becomes an International Branding.....  

This watch comes in a very elegant wooden box despite it being retailing for RM249 only. This watch is paying homage to Rolex lady Datejust, which would cost more than a hundred fold of its price.

The milky chocolate inner lining of the box making the watch presentation classy. 

This is a full stainless steel watch with jubilee style stainless steel band. It has a fluted bezel with a sapphire glass.

The dial is mother of pearl finishing with 10 artificial diamonds setting as hour markers. This watch has a date function at 3 o'clock position. 

Unlike original Rolex, this crown is not a screw in type. It is just merely a pull and adjust. I would prefer the crown to be signed. Without signing, it is just like an ordinary generic aftermarket crown. 

The bracelet has a signed folding clasp. 

The case back is also stainless steel and is properly marked and signed. 

This watch employed the Japanese made Miyota 2015 movement. This movement is highly reliable and like any other Citizen Miyota movements is meant to last....

Buying a watch is not about the brand, is not about the price either.... is about what you used it for; whether you can afford it... the look of the watch may also portraits your personality and your professionalism. 

For that price that I paid and with the quality and finishing of this watch, I have no complaint.