Thursday, September 21, 2017

Let it be Orange: Seiko Diver 7S26-0020 SKX011J

Seiko Scuba Diver 200M 7S26-0020 Made In Japan

The first orange I know is probably the Sunkist Orange.....

Orange is the colour for joy and creativity. It radiates warmth and happiness. Wearing an orange watch can help aid decision making, boost in aspiration, and enhances happiness, confidence, and understanding. It is also a way of gaining attention......

I won't go into details about Seiko 7S26 200M diver as I have written quite extensively in April 2013. (Click here to have a read on 7S26 SKX007K!)

This orange dial is labelled as SKX011J. The "J" stands for the watch being manufactured in Japan. Manufactured may not be the correct word to use.... With globalisation, I think it is more appropriate to think that this watch is being cased in Japan and having the final QC (Quality Control) inspection in the land of the rising sun. 

Is there a significant different between the J and the K? Well personally I think that the J has a better overall finishing.

The uni-directional bezel is of my favourite colour scheme of black and golden yellow. Have seen a lot of Seiko fanatics modifying their Seiko diver's bezels with aftermarket ceramic bezels..... For once, I prefer to keep it simple and original.

You can also change the original hardlex mineral crystal to scratchproof sapphire crystal. SKX011J comes with heavily lumed golden hands.

At the bottom of the orange dial it is clearly stated as "Made in Japan". A word of caution, I have seen plenty of fake Seiko 5 and fake Seiko divers with dial printed with the wording "Made in Japan". 

This is truly, a beautiful watch..... But if I am the designer, I would put in a golden Seiko wordings and perhaps a golden frame to highlight the day and the date. That would give extra class for these divers and can fetch more dollars.

Always love the robust screw in crown on the 7S26 divers. They look marvelous and function well. 

The jubilee bracelet fits well for all purpose on this 200M diver. It is very comfortable to wear. 

Look at the finishing of the clasp, it just spell well finished watch, which is at an affordable price. 

The stainless steel back case is also stamped with the wording Japan. 

This watch is actually for the Hong Kong market. A friend managed to hijack it to Malaysia. 

and more precisely to my cabinet....... I love the Seiko Orange Monster, but never buy it as it is too bulky and heavy to my liking. This one just fit me perfectly.