Sunday, November 26, 2017

Winning: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman

Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 6239, 6241, 6262, 6264, 6265, 6263, 6240

This is probably one of the most expensive Rolex. Its value is not based on what precious metal it is made of or how many carats of flawless princess cut diamonds or gemstones it has.... Obviously it has none.

It is famous because of Mr Paul Newman wore it when filming Winning..... Someone actually watched the film over and over again and could not conclude whether Paul Newman actually wore Rolex Cosmograph. 

During preparation for Winning, Newman was trained for the motorsport by drivers Bob Sharp and Lake Underwood, at a race track high performance driving school—which sparked Newman's enthusiasm for the sport and led to his participation as a competitor in sports car racing during the remainder of his life. He would eventually launch the much successful Newman/Haas Racing with his longtime racing competitor and friend Carl Haas, winning more than 100 races and 8 Drier's Championships in IndyCar Series. (Quoted from Wikipedia)

Rolex released their first chronograph wristwatch around 1937. (Quoted from The Rolex Report) In 1960, Rolex introduced the Cosmograph, a watch designed to measure and record elapsed time. and the first model being 6239. Rather than designing their own movement, Rolex used Valjoux 72B movement to power the Cosmograph. Valjoux 727 movements were used in later model like 6263, and 6265. These watches soon became known as Daytona tribute to the International speedway where Rolex is the official timer. Below is a quick reference chart I found on Hodinkee wrote an extensive piece regarding all these watches and can be view by clicking HERE.

Hand winding Rolex Daytona ceased production in 1988. Rolex never officially called any piece of Cosmograph Daytona the Paul Newman edition. Paul Newman Edition are based on the exotic dials that contain 3 colours (Black, White and Red). They are basically the same like any other cosmographs but the price different is many folds. That's make Paul Newman Daytona, the most dangerous watch to buy or collect because of high chance you may end up with a Phantom or Frankenstein watch.  

Below is a mugshot of the heart of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. Cal 72 or Cal 727 is a 17 jewels adjusted to 3 positions and has an amplitude of 18,000 bph. It has a power reserve of 48 hours. 

Rolex did not make a lot of these chronographs back in the 1970's as they were not that popular. These were relatively cheap too back in the days. In US after taxes, it was only USD 210 as shown below. In Malaysia, I heard it was about RM 2000 during 1980's. Then again it was quite a lot of money during my innocent years. 

The price of these watches have increase exponentially. No Wall Street speculators could have predicted this. Below is a graph I found on This site provides an in-depth discussion on Paul Newman Cosmographs.

In October 2017, the Holy Grail, Paul Newman's personal Daytona was sold at Phillips' auction on Park Avenue. The winning number is a record-breaking $17,752,500. 

The legend has it this vintage Rolex ref 6239 Daytona that was given to Paul Newman by his wife Joanne Woodward back in 1968 during the filming of Winning. Below is a photo of that watch by Forbes.

The back of the watch is engraved: “Drive Carefully Me.”  That is a very sentimental touch by Mrs Newman.....

It was said that Mr Newman wore the watch for more than a decade before generously gave it to his daughter's boy-friend.... Damn, I was too young to date his daughter at that time.......

Ending this post with some of the old catalogues found on Google......

P.S. I am too poor to own a Genuine Rolex Paul Newman Edition. Well if I can go back in time, I will definitely da bao (cash & carry) all........... As if I have the MONEY.......


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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rado Golden Horse Chronometer Reissued 秀气中的高雅

Rado Golden Horse Reissued Chronometer (reference 658.3834.4 )

My first impression of anchor probably came from the black and white cartoon of Popeye the sailor man who eats a lot of spinach. Mind you I never know what spinach looks like during then and even now. 

I could never understand why Popeye needs to rescue his super ugly and ultra annoying girl friend, Olive. No no.... NO, I won't post Olive Oyl here!!!

Well, this is not about the Anchor or Popeye or Bluto.... This is about a watch called Rado with its rotating anchor logo.......

Back in 2007, a friend from local watch shop called and offered me Rado Golden Horse reissued. He said it was limited edition and in conjunction with the 50th years anniversary of Golden Horse series. Golden Horse is Rado's first automatic watch. 

I think I threw two questions to him before making the decision not to take up the offer. First, does it come with sapphire glass? Second, any difference in appearance comparing to the Golden Horse from the 1970's or 80's? No for both the above questions.

On top of that, the retailing price ain't cheap. It has a price tag of RM2,700.00 before discount. 

10 years passed..... On 1st September 2017, the same friend Wechat-ed me with a single word "WANT?", then another word "Chronometer" and attach with the following photo....

Hell, it is a badly beaten watch showing sign of battle scars from everyday abuses.......  Cracked mirror, scratches all over the place. However, the watch is still in original state i.e. no aftermarket parts or anything . 

Well, the right noises are it is a chronometer, it is a limited edition, it comes with boxes and papers (full set) and it is only asking for 1 gram. Bare in mind, this chronometer edition had a price tag of RM4,800 back in 2007. 

Precisely after two months in the garage, this watch finally comes back to papa......

I don't bother to take the outer black box. The inner box has shown signs of bio-degrading. Luxurious watch like this suppose to come in a more lasting box. Omega, Oris, Rado, IWC all have this kind of environmental friendly self destructive inner boxes.....

The watch tag, the cleaning cloth and the super thick instruction manual that I doubt any owner would read it thoroughly. 

Credit card size Rado warranty card and chronometer certification card. 

Here is the watch after proper tender loving cares. This is a stainless steel watch with sleek design. Nothing too fancy, nothing extraordinary.... plain, clean and simple.  

The whole ideal is being truthful to the famous vintage Rado Golden Horse. It maintains all the integrity and the quality of the old Rado's tradition and blends in the new twist.... the new technologies. 

This watch is measuring about 36mm in diameter and 12.5mm in thickness. By current trend, this is a relatively small watch. 

This watch comes with a dome shaped hesalite crystal and a black dial. The silver dauphine hands and applied hour markers tell time effortlessly. 

The red Rado swinging logo is pretty eye catching; so is with the Golden Horse Seahorses logo. At the 9 O'clock position, it is clearly stated that this watch is an officially certified chronometer. 

This watch has the date function at 3 O'clock position and is highlighted using silver square frame and a square cyclops.  

The case and the bracelet are polished into shinning metal finishing. 

The crown is signed with anchor logo and looked big in comparison with the watch.  

Different from the 1958 Rado Gold Horse, this crown is a screw in and locking mechanism which contribute to a better water sealing (100M). 

The back case is nicely decorated with Seahorses logo and traditionally marked water sealed. The watch's reference and serial number is printed at the case back along with the word chronometer and 100m. 

The stainless steel bracelet fit nicely to the lugs. This watch is quite comfortable to wear as the design of the bracelet is very flexible and not bulky.

The bracelet is fitted with a double push button deployment buckle. The stainless steel buckle is finely engraved with the Seahorses logo. 

Rado used the chronometer certified 2824-A2 movement on this watch. the 25 jewels automatic work horse is beating at 28,800 bph and has a 38 hours power reserve. The movement is gold plated and take a note of the rotating disc..... it is in anchor shaped. 

I really don't know how the ex-owner wearing this watch and what type of job he is doing. This watch is suitable for those with smaller or medium wrist size and a white collar workforce. Someone who is sophisticated but decided to be low profile.  

Thinking about it..... a lot of vintage Rado is still alive and kicking today. A lot is still in tip top condition. This reissue has suffered a 10 years abusive use; with a little bit of love, it still shine in glory. Rado does produce quality watches which doesn't hurt wallet too badly..........

P.S. This watch doesn't fit my oversized wrist at all.... Collecting it as it is one hell of a good watch and a cannot miss bargain.......