Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Apart from Seiko GS and KS

I will try to introduce a few of high quality vintage japanese watches. These watches are of good craftmanship and value... somemore they do not come with the heavy price tag as a GS or KS. They are classic in their own right....

Seiko Weekdater 6218-8971

Japanese made 35 jewels automatic. Circa 1960's or early 70's. Highly likely before the era of Grands and Kings. This model is particularly rare and to get one in such a tiptop condition is quite difficult. I kind of suspecious whether 6218 is a similar movement used in 62'Grand Seiko (6246)?????

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grand Seiko 5645-7010

Just received this watch from a friend in Japan via EMS speedmail. It looks new and minty. No scratch, no sign of wear and no sign of aging at all.... Which makes me wonder what is this watch doing for the last quarter of the century???

GS 5645-7010 used a high grade 25 jewels high beats (28,800 Vph) seiko in house movement adjusted to 5 positions and 3 temperature settings. This watch was made in 1973.... Even more elderly than I.... Luckily it is made of stainless steel with plastic crystal top. At the screw down back there is a "GS" signed gold medalion showing off the majestic might of Seiko's superiority.

New Grand Seiko 9S55: New GS, new benchmark

9S55-0010, the contemporary basic model of New Grand Seiko range... The most affordable and popular. An alternative choice for those who don't want an ordinary Rolex or Omega. New GS standard is said to be tougher than the Swiss Chronometer test. Seiko puts extreme efforts in assuring the accuracy of 9S55 movement (-2 to +5sec per day). The 26 jewels calibre beating at 28,800 per hour is adjusted to 6 positions and temperature. The movement is highly polished and decorated. Below is a picture taken by Mr. John Davis from pmwf to show the beauty within a Grand Seiko.

The watch is ergonomically design to fit the wrist of the user; therefore it is relatively comfortable to wear. Sometime you won't notice there is a watch on your wrist at all. The sapphire glass is anti reflective coated and it gives a pleasant view of the watch from any angles.
Looking at the case and the bracelet you will appreciate the amounts of work and time Seiko master watchmakers invest in. All areas of the watch case and bracelet is carefully hand polished and satin brushed. This is a beautiful masterpiece with no luminous material used on the dial and hands. The fine polished hands and indices of the Grand Seiko sparkle like diamonds. This makes reading of time relatively easy even under dim light.

Looking at the back case, you can be assured that Seiko taking care of the very fine details in this watch. Consider the time and craftmanship, this watch is worth every penny that you paid for. I am certainly a satisfied customer on this one. In short, Grand Seiko 9S55 is a distinctive fine watch to have.