Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trying very hard

Have been absented from Watchopenia for more than a year...... 2016 went in blank.... total blank.... Nope, I won't quit from this blog. For those of you following Watchopenia, you probably notice that I am not that satisfied with my photo taking. I have been trying to polish up my skills and also upgrading my primitive camera and equipment.

So in my 2016 birthday, I bought myself my first ever DSLR camera. Nothing fancy, just a humble second hand Nikon D-90. 

Bought the camera body but left no money to buy a Macro lens. Still in the process of learning how to best focus on tiny thing with great details....... 

Meanwhile I found this Light Box or White Box from Taobao.com. 

So everything is set and ready.... Below are two samples that I took. The watches used for the practicing session are Rolex replica! 

I think I need a more powerful lighting...... the struggles continue.....................