Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lord Marvel 36000

Apart from Seiko GS and KS

My lord Marvel 5740-8000

Lord Marvel is boy sized with case diameter of 35.5mm without crown.  The design is plain, simple and clearly nice. Its crown is not signed. One of the most beautiful things on Lord Marvel is its curved dial. The soul of Lord Marvel is the high grade seiko in-house 5740C movement. 5740C is a 23 jewels hand-winding movement beating at 36,000 bph. It has daily accuracy of  around 6 seconds per day. 
Below are two picture of the movement that I found on another website and the web have quite an in-depth introduction of Lord Marvels. (!30D403FE07E97F98!159.entry). 

Here is a normal looking clean 5740C movement

A beautified 5740C engine with the screws being treated to give it a hi-end blue screws look.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I believe I can fly.....

Yeap a song produced and performed by R. Kelly! I always remember this part of the lyric..."I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky....." The very moment you believe, the sky is the limit.... Sky is the main theme here as I am talking about a vintage pilot watch. Seiko Sliderule aka Calculator aka Pilot ref. 6138-7000. Sliderule is one of the rarest variant of 6138 family and among the most expensive vintage seiko chronograph.
I just received this watch from the Philipine... it appears that everything is in good condition and is in original state apart from the bracelet. This watch shared the same engine with Seiko Bullhead, Speedtimer, UFO which is the 6138. 6138 is evolved from the Seiko 6139 a single register chronograph movement that was introduced in 1969.
There are two variants of 6138, namely 6138A (21 jewels) and 6138B (23 jewels). This automatic seiko in-house movement is beating at 21,600 bph and it can be handwound. This double register chronograph was introduced in 1970 with feature of quickset day and date.
The main attraction for this watch is its sliderule bezel that can be used for calculating vital figures for aviation navigation. Wait until I am qualify to fly an airbus A380 then I can tell you how this is operated.... Another mystery for me to find up is my watch movement stated 6138B and 21 jewels....
Anyhow, is never a bad choice to grab a hold of 6138 as it is one of the world's first automatic integrated chronograph movements. It is at least as good and as reliable as the Swiss manufactured cal. 11 and El-Primero movements but at a fraction of their price.
My sliderule is currently under quarantine. Wait until it is fully serviced, I will try to take a better shot of it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Broken Heart

Watches are like women... sometimes what your heart desire may never be yours... That is a sad fact in life. Something that you are powerless to change and truth that you need to swallow along with your pride and self-esteem. Whenever you see her photos or in personal contact, it will trigger your heartaches..... Even you try very hard to love and adore her.... using whatever means to earn her... at the end you will not feel the joy of love. Merely...the two of you are incompatible... not from the same class or you just cannot afford her....

My eternal love..... I may never have you... but you are always in my heart......

Vacheron Constantin Tour de I'lle

This watch is to mark the 250th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin. Initial priced at USD1.5 million, it is one of the most expensive watches around.  There are only 7 units in the world. There are 834 parts inside the Vacheron Constantin’s Tour de l’lle, a watch considered “the most complicated watch ever made” by some. This complicated double-face watch is made with a combination of horological complications and astronomical indications composing a list of sixteen different points including a minute repeater, sunset time, perpetual calendar, second time zone, a tourbillon device, the equation of time and the representation of the night sky. It also has the seal of Geneve showed at the dial. 

Patek Philippe Ref. 5002: Sky Moon Tourbillon 

Patek Phillipe, the grand master of watchmakers and the leader in the arts of watch making. The Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002 is the arguably the mother of all master complications, it is universally regarded as one of the most exceptional examples of watchmaking excellence in the world. It has a perpetual calendar, retrograde (flyback) date,  Minute repeater with tourbillon escapement , chime with two “cathedral“ gongs, and lists the lunar phase. A flip of the watch reveals a celestial view detailing the sidereal time and a skychart that traces the stars and phase and orbit of the moon. Its movement consists of 694 individual parts, some of which are microscopically small, all completed by hands. With an annual production of just two watches; the fitting, assembly, and regulation of the multitude of parts and micro-assemblies that make up a finished 5002 is a mind-boggling and time consuming task reserved for only the most experienced and skilled of Patek's master watchmakers. Ref. 5002 has both the Geneva Seal and COSC chronometer recognition. 
You can't even order a 5002 even though you are a cash cow!  Ultra-prolific Patek collectors (determined, of course, by the steady stream of new watch registrations that are indicative of the spending habits of a collector who has both a serious addiction and the bank account to support it in grand style) receive invitations to Switzerland to sit through an 'interview process' that ultimately determines the two lucky individuals who will have the distinguished privilege of buying a Sky Moon Tourbillon this year.

IWC Da Vinci Four Seasons Tourbillon

The hand-wound Da Vinci Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons) Tourbillon Reference 3752 is a limited edition of twenty pieces introduced in 1999. The solid gold dial, painstakingly hand engraved by IWC master engraver Wolfgang Siegwart, features four allegorical figures representing Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - a fitting canvas for a perpetual calender marking the passage of time and seasons.

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman Edition prototype

The most expensive Rolex ever sold at auction was a “Paul Newman” Rolex Oyster Cosmograph “Daytona” sold at a Sotheby’s event in June, 2003. This prototype wristwatch, featuring a red dial and black sub-dials, was produced in 1979. It sold for £210,000—around US $350,000.

Monday, July 12, 2010

One and only...

The Rarest Rolex Replica

First I would clarify that I never promote Rolex replica or replica watches. Rolex and Genuine watches are far more superior in quality, craftmanship, values for money, and services than cheap replicas. Replicas are junks and worthless products. I will only buy replicas under 2 conditions: to study the watch and if the design is creative. It will be pure insanity if you are going to do what I have done here to genuine Rolexes.

This is actually an old friend's Rolex turn-o-graph 116264 replica. He gave me the watch when the bracelet broken and the turning bezel chrome faded. I changed the bezel to the normal oyster replica bezel that is make of stainless steel. Besides I changed the Chinese engine to a more reliable 21 jewels Citizen Miyota movement. The iconic red "second" hand and the hour-minutes hands were replaced with a set of hands from Rolex Explorer II replica...... The glass is sapphire crystal too. I also replaced the bracelet using the Rolex president replica bracelet  with hidden clasp. In the end, here is the one and only Rolex replica of unknown model. The box showed in the picture is also a Rolex replica box. 

The one thing I might do in the future is to change the Rolex logo of the dial to the original gold Rolex logo. 

My new Titoni chronograph automatic

I purchased this watch back in 2009. It was one uneventful Sunday, I decided to pay a visit to one old watch shop. After much conversation with the "not-so-friendly" shop owner, he finally pull up this rare Titoni Chronograph Automatic from the vault. In a split second without much hesitation, I paid the shop owner an arm and a foot... I stormed out the shop before he could ever regret..... The only downside was that the shop owner couldn't locate the papers or the box .... but the initial price tag as well as the sticker still attached to the watch.
Not that I am wearing it or what.... I decided to change the original green leather strap that somewhat symbolises Titoni with a new leather strap to give it a more appealing look. I do however safe keep the old genuine  leather titoni factory strap.

I have tried to search for more information about this watch.... but because it is kind of rare, so I can only tell you the limited informations I can gather from my experiences. This watch probably dated back to earlier than Cosmo 2000 and 3000 (circa mid or late 1980's). Valjoux 7750 with 25 jewels beating at 28,800 bph provides the soul for the watch. Besides chronograph function, the watch also has day and date. The case is 20 microns gold plated and has a very classical look. The dial is simple and clean; matching this with a black strap generates a very distinctive noble feel. 

Titoni Chronograph Automatic ~ High end classic with sophisticated soul!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Tudor collection

Tudor, the Rolex's little brother... Before year 2009, Tudor design is somewhat similar to Rolex oyster. Tudor initially used Tudor rose as its logo; the rose was replaced with Shield logo in the late 1960's. Rolex signed bracelets, crowns and case back were part of the Tudor watches until the 1990's.  The main different between Rolex and Tudor is the movement used. Tudor watches are usually equipped with third party movement like ETA and Valjoux with few modifications, whereas Rolex uses mainly its own in-house movement. The quality of material used is also different; Rolex used higher grade stainless steel in crafting its solid case. Most Tudor gold are gold plated, which is unlike Rolex using only Solid 18K or 14K. Tudor watches are more moderate in pricing and more affordable by general public. 

Tudor Prince Day-Date (Tudor President)

This is the 1990's model with sapphire glass and also Tudor shield marked crown.

Tudor Prince Date

I believe this is the early 1980's model with Rolex crown 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Modified Vintage Swiss Made Chronograph

Modified 7733

Ex-Bulova; Current Jaquet Droz

This is my another Valjoux 7733... Is actually a Bulova chronograph... The case and the gold plated Bulova signed 17 jewels hand wound movement are in excellent form.  However the dial is in pretty bad condition so I have no choice but to find a replacement dial for it... Too bad I can't get a Bulova replacement dial for this model and to send the dial for refurbishing may take ages.  In the end, I decide to use whatever that fit in... I got this NOS dial from US.... So here it is...

Yema Meangraf Super

This is a totally different story from the Bulova. When I received this Meangraf, I noticed the case was broken. It is the 60's or early 1970's chrome casing with the base metal exposed ... the crown, the push buttons all showing sign of corrosive.... So I have no choice but to purchase this Sandoz stainless steel casing for 7733 movement. I do have the Sandoz dial for 7733 also.. but Yema Meangraf is kind of rare... Therefore I kept the original dial and come up with a new casing Yema Meangraf Super... 

More photos of Meangraf Super can be found here!

Numerous Cosmo Kings

Don't ask me how many Titoni Cosmo King I have.... the answer is "I really don't know and I don't have the time to count them....." Again with every other day.... I may pick up more and more... So it is not yet the time to sum it up.... I am trying very hard to suppress my urge of buying yet another Cosmo King but they are merely adorable... Here is part of my collection that I am sharing with you this time.... I don't and won't repost the same watch twice....

Unusual jewels dial
This dial is unique in a sense that it has swarovsky stones surrounding the rubies and swarovsky stones hour markers....

The wonderful Trio

3 Cosmo Kings with somewhat same dial pattern.... one vintage date only; one vintage day-date and contemporary day-date...

Cosmo King 14K Rim

Cosmo King 14K Rim is one of my favourite of all time. I know no limit in collecting them as far as the price is just. I like to restore the poor condition one but always glad if it is in mint condition. This Cosmo King 14K gold rim came from Indonesia. The movement is still in tip-top condition after an overhauling... I also replaced the crown and the glass; using only original part... The bracelet is Hong Kong made 14K Rolex replica with original Titoni buckle... The golden champagne dial is still in original state although it is showing some sign of aging.