Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yema Meangraf Super --- Extended cut

Yema Meangraf Super

This is the extension of a post I did in July 2010. Is about changing the case of a watch. Yema Meangraf Super supposed to look like below in its original appearance. The photo below is taken from

"When I received this Meangraf, I noticed the case was broken. It is the 60's or early 1970's chrome casing with the base metal exposed ... the crown, the push buttons all showing sign of corrosive.... So I have no choice but to purchase this Sandoz stainless steel casing for 7733 movement. I do have the Sandoz dial for 7733 also.. but Yema Meangraf is kind of rare... Therefore I kept the original dial and come up with a new casing Yema Meangraf Super... "
This post is more as a photo add on to the piece of July 2010.

The crown has the Sandoz logo embossed. But the "S" fitted quite well the description of Super.

Actually the back case has some engraving about Sandoz chronograph, but it was polished and buffered to get rid of the wordings and logo.

The case is a massive 41mm in diameter. Couple this watch with a good leather band will give it a classical look.Use a silicon band will make it a vintage sporty watch.

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