Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Oriental Cricket: CItizen Alarm Date

Citizen Alarm Date

Having difficulty to wake up early in the morning? Always late to school or at work? No worry, grab a cricket watch or an alarm wrist watch. Things are much easier in this 21st century. We can easily have an electronic digital watch with 5 alarm settings. But back in the 1950's and 60's, what they have are the beautiful mechanical cricket or alarm watches. 

Here is a Japanese Citizen mechanical alarm watch. It has a turtle shell with 42mm diameter. The two crowns make it very unique. 

Both crowns are signed with a big "C". 

I have seen some photo of identical watches of this model on the internet with the cyclops lens on the acrylic crystal. This lens is a little bit dome shaped.

The dial of this watch has been badly redone especially the wordings inside. The dial is redone according to the original dial design. It is silver in colour with outer black circle. The hands and the hour markers are lumed. There is a fourth hand with a pointer tip. This is the alarm hand. 

The bracelet is definitely a replacement one but it is still genuine Citizen and fitted the watch pretty well. 

This watch is water resistant as indicated by the word "Parawater" at the back case. This is a mechanical watch with 21 jewels. 

The first crown at 2 o'clock position is used to set the time for the alarm. It is also used to on and off the alarm. The second crown at the four o'clock position is used for winding the watch and also for setting the time. 

This watch would vibrate gently on your wrist and also produce the melody ringing chime to wake you up. 


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  2. I believe I have a working movement for this watch which I'm trying to better identify - unsuccessfully so far. Movement doesn't have any numbers/letters on it other than saying 'Citizen'and '21J' (jewels) on a bridge plate.
    Can send pic of movement if anyone can help to ID?

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