Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finally parts arrived..... Here we go, Titoni Race King

Titoni Race King: Part 3

Before noon, the postman made his daily delivery. Among the piles of mails and bills, a yellow package from Victoria, Canada.... Thank you, Mr beloved Postman...

Nah... nah.... not the Kevin Costner's style postman.... but more down to earth type... Yes our friendly Malaysia Postman with a different kind of horse too.....

This package has traveled approximately 12841.82 KM. It costed Canadian 9.90 for a package of 0.053kg. The Canadian Post is very professional in their labeling and handling of the package. 

The ebay seller Premvic 121 packed the spares very neatly and properly. I would definitely leave him a good review in the ebay feedback and would not hesitate to buy from him. 

So now with all the spares ready..... Mr Watchmaker, are you ready to perform the surgery? and also the plastic surgery????

This is a follow up post from previous part 1 and part 2.....

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