Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Watch for the frequent flyers: Seiko World Timer 6117-6400

Seiko GMT World Timer Automatic

I always envy a dear friend who travelled extensively due to the nature of his job. He could wake up in the middle of the night and forget where he is or at which hotel or in which city. He once told me sometime he has problem to recall whether the hotel room's washroom is on his left or his right...... It also remind me of the movie "Up in the Air", the hectic lifestyle of high flyer. 

I have here a beautiful vintage watch by Seiko from July 1974. As the name implies, this is a timepiece which enables the frequent flyers to see what time it is in various major cities across the globe. The solid stainless steel cushion-shaped  case is about 41mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness. Recessed into the case at the four o'clock position is the crown. The watch comes with domed acrylic crystal.

This World Timer has the charcoal black dial. Like most GMT watches, it has 4 hands. The fourth 24 hours red hand is extended to the edge of the dial. The red hand is bent upward for it to clear the hour markers.

At rest the crown can be used to rotate the inner bezel. The inner bezel contains the name of various cities and the GMT. To use the world time function, adjust the crown to line up your city or time zone with the 24 hour red hand. The time at any other city and GMT can be determined by reading the time opposite that city or time zone. 

There is a date display at 3 o'clock position and can be quick-set by pulling the crown to the first position. Pulling the crown to the second position the movement of the watch would hack.  

The watch has a screw in back stainless steel case. 

This watch uses the 6117B movement. 6117B is a 17 jewels automatic movement and is beating at 21,600 A/h. The only down side of this robust movement is that it can't be handwind.

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