Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Titoni that need a new bezel or rim

Problem with collecting Titoni

The problem with collecting vintage Titoni is that the spare parts is not readily available. With Titoni, movement spares are never a problem. The problem lies with exterior parts like glass, dials, lens, bezel and crown. We either rely on somehow, somewhere there are certain watch repairers still have the new-old-stocks or we need to savage some buried Titoni for recondition spare parts. The sad fact is due to the availability and rarity.... the price of a spare can sometime fetch as high as the vintage watch itself.

The watch I posted here, make it into the debut of Titoni catalogue of early 1990's. The reference number for the watch is 837 SY-C19. The watch was retailing for Singapore Dollar $670 or RM 1,000 plus in Malaysia. I bought this as second hand.

Actually I am a bit reluctant to classify this watch as a vintage Titoni. It is quite latest and has a sapphire glass top. Anyhow, this watch needs a replacement for its crown, rim or bezel and a new bracelet. The main problem here would be the odd shaped bezel. Maybe can trim it into round circle and gold plated it.....

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