Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Pronto ~ Another Rolex look alike 

This is another watch in my collection that has the Rolex oyster look. I bought this watch from Hong Kong. It comes in stainless steel case and bracelet. Bezel and crown are gold plated. The watch is water resistant and is using 25 jewels Swiss movement ETA 2834-2 with quickset day-date. This watch is equipped with scratchproof sapphire crystal. At the bottom of the dial it stated "Swiss Made"; I do have my reserve on this. Anyhow, it is a fine watch with a reliable movement and I am always sentimental with these type of watches. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My new toys

These watches were bought brand new and never wore before....

Titoni Airmaster Pilot
This is a 25 jewels ETA 2824-2 automatic watch with a power reserve of 38 hours. The main characteristics of this watch is its highly luminous hour and minute hands and an upward arrow at 12 o'clock position. This watch is equipped with sapphire crystal and is water resistance to 50m depth.

Titoni Cosmo King Diver
This is a mid sized diver.... has a sporty and rugged look and with water resistant of 200m... Using the same movement as the Pilot above, it also has sapphire crystal, highly luminous hour indexes and hands, single direction rotating bezel and screw down crown. Actually it has some similarity with the Rolex Yatchmaster...

Rado Diastar The Original
This has been all time classic and an icon... With scratchproof sapphire glass and scratchproof case... this rado will look like new even after 20 years. I have another stainless steel Rado diastar original that I bought back in 1993 and is still going strong without ever go to a watch repairer.... Sadly the price has triple for the same model over the years.... For those who are looking for an entry level automatic watch that will not hurt your wallet... I will highly recommend this watch...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bulova Chronoprecision

Few months back I was sharing about my Bulova Chronometer...... I was murmuring about searching for another Bulova with similar dial.... With the help of an Indonesian friend, I manage to get this one.... Amazingly the watch is in new condition....

This is a Rolex look alike Bulova... The dial, the bezel, the case back and even the bracelet is similar or identical to Rolex.... This watch comes with sapphire crystal as well...

The beauty of the watch falls on the dial which with the wording

Official Certificate
Sapphire Crystal"
It was arrange in such a way that it mimics the wording of Rolex Oyster....

First Chronograph of Seiko 5717-8990

This is considered the ancestor of all Seiko Chronograph.... the First Seiko Chronograph introduced in 1964 for the 18th Tokyo Olympics. Seiko was the official timer for the Tokyo Olympics.

Nickname "Seiko Chronostop" because of it is a single button chronograph and its similarity to the famous Omega Chronostop. 5717 was developed to mark the technical achievement of the Japanese industry and to declare Japanese recovery after devastation of the Second World War.
This watch uses Seiko's own movement Cal. 5717. Cal. 5717 is a hand winding intergrated chronograph movement, using one push button for its three functions (start, stop and reset). There is a bi-directional rotating bezel that serves to improve the sporty look of the watch. This watch of mine has a Seahorse case back.... there is another version that has a Olympic Torch symbol at the back... I am trying to search for one....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Titoni Ringstar

Ring Ring ringgggggggggg time to wake up...... This is the automatic Titoni alarm wrist watch. This watch used the famous AS5008 movement with 25 jewels and beating at 28,800 A/h. AS5008 is produced between 1965 and 1977 by A. Schild S.A.of Switzerland. It can produced the alarm signal with ring sounds and vibrations for 9 seconds. Besides alarm, the watch also has day date functions. 
There are 2 crowns with this watch... One is to set the alarm time and also activate/deactivate the alarm. The other crown is to set the time and winding the watch. All part of this watch is of original....  If you have read my earlier blog, I am still hunting for the manual winding round shaped Titoni Ringstar, Titoflex. 

Rare Titoni World Time

Titoni World Time 

I have hard time to find information about this watch. It is not even in Titoni 90th years anniversary book and the internet search is also disappointing. I bought this watch from India..... This watch is running on ETA 2788 movement with 25 jewels with frequency at 21600A/h. ETA 2788 was produced in between 1969-1982, therefore I believe the Titoni World Time must be manufactured during the 1970's. This movement has a quick-set date but the day is set by repeating turning the minute hand. After having the engine checked and oiled.... I changed the crown and the stem. 
The rotating bezel is still in good condition with all the cities' name intact. The dial is in superb condition. Because I never know how the original bracelet is... I have to choose the best alternative bracelet available... I used a Mido stainless steel mesh like bracelet and changed the Mido buckle into Titoni buckle.  
To my knowledge the only other world Time Titoni has produced in its history is the 2005 Admiral Zheng He limited edition.  


Revised on 21-05-2014

Titoni 14K like new

This is by far one of my nicest restored Titoni 14K Cosmo King. It took almost 3 months and a high cost..... This is a 14K solid gold rim Titoni. The engine was fully overhauled and cleaned. The original white coloured dial has numerous dark spots and the wording also faded extensively.... The dial was sent for restoration and the end result is a shinning silver grey dial that proclaims the glory of Cosmo King. The crystal and the crown were replaced with original Titoni spare. The bracelet is a 14K two tones with the original Titoni buckle. After spending almost the same amount of buying a new Titoni Cosmo King... here we have a fully restored vintage Titoni Cosmo King 14K with a movement that will be kept going for another 50 years maybe.... 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Remember the tune from my black and white TV set back in 1970's.... M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E .... Yeap the icon of my childhood and so many other kids of different generation....

This watch is actually purchased by my wife.... This is actually a Seiko made mickey mouse watch with model no: 5000-7000. It was made in 1973 by Seiko Suwa factory. This Mickey Mouse watch uses 50C movement.50C is a manual winding 17 jewels that is still running strong and keeping good time now. All part of this watch is of original except the band is an aftermarket.

The back case showing the model number and all parts of the case is made of stainless steel.
This watch is feature in page 167 of The Seiko Book

The Seiko watch company stopped producing seiko Mickey Mouse watches in the 1980's. This has made the seiko disney watches highly collectible.