Saturday, September 4, 2010

Starry starry night 满天星


This is my small collection of watches with so-called full diamond dial..... is it real diamond??? Nah, a lot of this is either crystal, Cubic Zirconia or maybe just glass or even plastic.... but they are sparkling beautiful.... Some of the full diamond watches cost a lot... but for me is not the value of the stones or crystal... is the amount of time involved in crafting the dial, the bezel and sometime the bracelet too.... It is in a way a form of art. 

Titoni Cosmo King

Rolex Replica Custom Made

This is a Rolex Replica using a 21 jewels ETA movement.... It comes with sapphire glass. This is actually an educational piece made by local watchmaker and jeweler.... It is more of a sentimental value to me....

Bulova Super Seville Day Date

This is initially a plain silver dial used watch that I picked up in an auction site. After receiving it and safe kept it for a year or so, I noticed the dial has worn off with time. Luckily, my watchmaker friend  found a piece of Bulova full diamond dial in Singapore... we noticed that the dial is with yellow gold colour base and is usually more suitable for two tones or gold watch.... After much discussion, we adopted the put it in and see what happens sort of attitude.... Here is the outcome and is surprisingly acceptable... ohhhh we also changed the 3 hands from steel to gold colour to match the dial. Beside we replaced the old stainless steel rim to a diamond with sapphire bezel to make it more appearing. The next step will probably be changing the glass into a sapphire crystal.....

Inital look

Reconditioned look


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