Monday, September 13, 2010

Titoni 14K like new

This is by far one of my nicest restored Titoni 14K Cosmo King. It took almost 3 months and a high cost..... This is a 14K solid gold rim Titoni. The engine was fully overhauled and cleaned. The original white coloured dial has numerous dark spots and the wording also faded extensively.... The dial was sent for restoration and the end result is a shinning silver grey dial that proclaims the glory of Cosmo King. The crystal and the crown were replaced with original Titoni spare. The bracelet is a 14K two tones with the original Titoni buckle. After spending almost the same amount of buying a new Titoni Cosmo King... here we have a fully restored vintage Titoni Cosmo King 14K with a movement that will be kept going for another 50 years maybe.... 

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