Saturday, June 1, 2013

Coming back from scrap yard....

Rescuing vintage Citizen New Master

Just found this.... a very classic watch with a classic movement. You probably won't recognise it at the current state. This is a Citizen New Master. A handwinding watch from Japan. 
This watch is death and buried. The glass has shattered. The case and the dial is still in good condition. The movement, the Citizen in-house 8270 looks promising to revive..... This is another rescuing project apart from the Titoni Race King from last month.... Wish me luck!

This watch finally fully restored on February 2014..... you can see the Rebirth Citizen HERE.....

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  1. Newmaster was a poor man's Citizen, and yet I do feel that its simplicity of design and execution makes it a nice beater watch. I have recently found one at a local flea market in decent state and with original bracelet. With the crytal and case cleaned and polished it is not competing with my other watches for wrist time and being quite successful at that. Being a manual wind its so light and thinner than regular autos. Nice find BTW.