Thursday, May 16, 2013

Something from India, Delivered by DHL: Titoni Race King Val. 72 Part 1

Death on Arrival: Race King Part 1

For once, I am really impressed with the courier services, thanks to DHL.

It took only two days from Bangalore, India to reach me. Plus the custom declaration and paperwork, it was after four days of initial transaction, that I received this parcel. 

Which contains this tiny little box......

Inside the box... I found this fine jewel....errererrr not in great shape.... in fact it is in terrible condition.... Titoni Race King, Valjoux 72. I have a list of Titoni watches in a wanted death or alive list..... HERE! Up to date, I have only left with one final piece namely Titoni Ringstar mechanical winding. 

From the outside, everything are all intact apart from a chronograph push button that fell off. The acrylic glass and the dial is in acceptable condition. I notice the chronograph hand is somewhat shorted and is warranted for a replacement. 

The original crown is still in good shape. 

The case is in fine condition. An ultrasonic cleansing and a thorough polishing will bring new life into this body.

The back case showed  some sign of rough polishing but is still tolerable.

The famous Valjoux 72.... A legendary movement.... but this is in horrible condition....

I have sent this Race King over to my watchmaker for a full overhauling and resuscitation. The initial diagnosis and prognosis are bad. I still waiting for his advice..... fingers cross.... PLEASE do not tell me is beyond human capability..........

Below is the reputable watchmaker's verdicts:

1) Broken tooth

2) Corroded worn out column wheel

3) Another worn out column wheel

4) Conclusion: Throw it into HIS dustbin.

Hey wait the second....... %^$#@%*&6^% (fault language being sensored!) I paid a good Rolex 6694 price for this junk.... don't do this to me......... It may take months to restore this junkyard piece, but we are sure it would worth the effort!

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