Saturday, May 25, 2013

"I want the watch worn by Andy Lau": Cyma Day-Date

Cyma Day Date Duo Tones President Style

I was at one of the CityChain watch outlets in KL, window shopping and appreciating watches.... All of the sudden, a working class young office lady rushed in and asked in Cantonese: "Excuse, got the watch that was worn by Megastar Andy Lau?" Hahahaaaaaaaaaa the power of advertisements, and the influence of Celebrities. The story ended with the girl walked off happily with a Cyma watch.....

I saw this watch in ebay listed by a Hong Kong seller. This watch appears to be brand new apart from the crown. The crown is from another brand. Guess they running out of the Cyma crown while assembling this watch. 

This is another homage to the Rolex Oyster day-date. I always have this profound love for black colour dial with golden wording and logo and hour markers. Talking about the crown, it is a gold plated crown from Blansacar, another local Asian brand trying super hard to have some association with Swiss. The crown is screw down. This watch has a sapphire crystal. 

The watch has a screw in see through case back. The movement is highly durable gold plated 25 jewels ETA 2834-2. The gold rotor is signed and designated as T5. 


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