Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Titoni Seascopher 77 Jewels: A heart transplant patient

Titoni Seascoper 77 660 feet

Don't know why most sites labelled this as Titoni Seascoper 666 Ft. The dial clearly stated this watch to be water resistant at 660 feet or 201.168 meters. I won't try to see if this watch is 10 meters water resistant at its current stage thou. 
This watch has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 36mm without crown. It has a black bezel and acrylic crystal.

The date is in red colour. The second hand is in red colour. I have a strong feeling this must be a replacement. The silver dial s]is in excellent condition. 

The crown of this watch is a replacement part and is not signed.

The case back is screw in type. This watch has been polished badly before. The Seascoper submarine picture and Titoni wording have became barely visible. Below I posted a Seacoper case back that is in prime condition and I also notice the original Titoni stainless steel bracelet. 

Ok talking about heart transplant. When opening the case back, I felt being cheated. Although the movement for the watch is the same ETA 2452 but it is missing 20 jewels. Someone had replaced the original 77 jewels movement with this Titoni 57 jewels movement. Not that I care about whether it is being a 57 or 77 jewels, but it is regarding the authenticity of the watch. Just a note, the ETA 2452 movement only need 17 essential jewels to function well. 

I wrote about ETA 2452 and the jewels story here! I guess I won't be restoring this watch, but just safe keeping it for time being. 

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