Sunday, May 12, 2013

A piece of history: Titoni Titoflex 21 jewels

Titoni Titoflex 246-30

I have been struggling with this post. Really don't know how to begin, what to write and how to end. See this is a very very old watch, vintage or even antique. Not much information can be acquired for this Titoni Titoflex 246-30. By any standard, this is a museum piece. I conservatively estimate it to be from 1950's.

This is a dual tones (gold and stainless steel) medium size watch with diameter of 33mm without crown. I suspect the bezel to be made of 14K solid gold. What is special with this Titoni is the dial. Maybe you can help me in describing the dial.

This watch still has the original crown and is still functioning normally. Like most vintage Titoni, this watch is equipped with acrylic crystal. 

The caseback is actually screw down type. I can't review the movement of this watch. Very embarrassingly, I have to admit I don't know how to open it. I have seen people using adjustable spanner to brutally open watch like this. I just could not bring myself to do it. Maybe later on I will pass this to my watchmaker friend to open up for me. 

My research has shown that during this period Titoni used the A. Schild (AS) 21 jewels handwinding movement. However the movement number varies from AS 1303 to 1900. Maybe some experts or watch enthusiasts who come across this posting can enlightening me on this 246-30. Many thanks in advance! 


  1. how much i can get for sale this stuf? i have one of them.