Monday, May 20, 2013

A titoni that built from parts

Junkyard Cosmo King

This is a Titoni that I wear every other day. This is a Titoni that my watchmaker friend refuses to polish for me, and refuses to change the glass for me...... For him, I have so many Cosmo King, why just this one???? He failed to understand the intimate bond between a man and his watch.....
This is my first vintage Titoni Cosmo King. It started when I noticed two broken Titoni in the corner of an old watch shop. Both were broken and beyond repair. Abandoned by their rightful owners.... tucked away in the pile of junk for don't know how many 365 days. 

I see the case and the bezel were still in reasonable condition. The crown was missing, the movement had been salvaged for parts, the back case had deep scratching here and there. The dial was fine just with some missing round diamonds and a baguette diamond. I asked the shop owner to find me a matching Titoni duo tones bracelet inside the watches graveyard.

I started off ordering a reconditioned ETA 2834-2 25 jewels automatic movement. The watch movement I got was gold plated version. I asked my watchmaker to order a matching gold rotor for Titoni to replace the non-signed rotor. A new original crown was installed. We used the diamond settings from fake rolex dial to replace the missing diamond indices. I also replaced the short second hands of this watch to a longer one. 

The original case back was in horrific condition. It looks like the one below....

I took the liberty to replace it with a spare Cosmo King 14K rim case back. The gold plated rim for this watch has had its time and might need to be retired soon. I am looking for a 14K original rim to replace it. Once I have that in place, I would do an overhauling of this watch.  

The Titoni folded over clasp is in excellent condition. The bracelet has shown its age. In time I may need to replace it with a aftermarket 18K jubilee bracelet. I may be able to find an original Titoni duo tones bracelet, but the price is too stiff to pay for.

One thing I am really happy with this watch is because it has the black dial that I adored. I am glad that I have given this watch a second life. I believe with proper tender, loving care, it can serve me for the many years to come...... It has been very loyal in accompanying me for the last couple of years.......

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  1. i have the same in working and good condition hopefully i want tosell