Monday, May 13, 2013

Titoni Hi-beat: Cosmo 99

Titoni Cosmo 99 36000 Automatic

36,000 bph, that is the highest beat rate for any watches. This is the one and only Titoni that has a frequency of 36,000 A/h; Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the rare Titoni Cosmo 99.

This is a good mass of stainless steel with a diameter of 38.5mm. Cosmo 99 is square shaped and is with faceted (on the inside rather than outter surface) acrylic crystal.  This watch has an orange yellow dial. The dial at certain angle looks like tiger eye finishing. The Titoni logo and the number 99 emblems are in gold. The dial clearly stated the frequency of the watch. 

The stainless steel crown is signed with Titoni logo. Apart from adjusting the time, it can be used to adjust the day and date quickly. The day date windows have gold frame highlighting them. 

The back case showed fine engraving of Titoni logo and the wording Cosmo 99.

Inside the heart of Cosmo 99, is the 36,000 bph ETA 2837. The ETA 2837 is a hi-beat automatic movement from the 1971-1975, designed to be a chronometer. It's quite rare today, and only found in vintage watches. This mechanism has hacking feature and has a power reserve of 40 hours. 

Below is what I found on a watch forum posted by PeeCeeBee in "A trip to the old watch shop"; it is the original watch box for Titoni Cosmo 99. It is simply stunning and worth the share....

Beautiful wooden box for Cosmo 99

Inside it is written Cosmo 99, 36,000 vibrations and Titoni in Chinese

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