Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mission Rescue Race King; Titoni Race King Part 2

Titoni Race King Valjoux 72: Part 2

My newly acquired Race King was hospitalised and is in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). The watch doctor diagnosed it with severe condition.

This morning he called me and asked me to check on my Facebook messages. He has sent me 3 ebay numbers for the spare parts I needed to resuscitate the old watch.
The seller, premvic121 is from Victoria, Canada; which is basically on the other side of the earth.  I have contacted the seller. Hopefully the seller is generous enough to offer me attractive price for the following parts:

1) Valjoux part 8060 Calibre 23-72-72C-88 Driving wheel 

2) Valjoux part 8070 Calibre 72-72C-88 etc. Pillar wheel

3) Valjoux part 8080 Calibre 23-72-72C-88 Coupling clutch/mounted 

These watch parts are not cheap by any mean. Amazingly the above shown are all new-old-stock (NOS) from the 1960's-70's era. Premvic121 is kind enough to give me heaps of discount. Hopefully the parts would arrive here without any incident and at least now I am seeing some light in restoring the glory of a Race King.

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