Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TItoni 14K that needs a bracelet

Prestigious Titoni Cosmo King 14K

I have spent some fortune restoring this Titoni 14K. The crown and the acrylic crystal have been replaced with original parts. The case has been ultra sonic cleaned and polished. The dial is still in its original state. What is missing is a duo tones bracelet to match the watch. 


  1. Hi dear fpsj ,
    May I know which watch shop changing the ori 737-370 acrylic crystal with cyclop & the ori crown for u? Coz my crowns gold plated has faded & my crystal is without cyclop type when I bought it . I'd ask a few watch shop near my place they said this model is too old & the size is a bit bigger than the 360 so is hard to find. Some have offer me said they can custom made but the price is close to a sapphire ! Thanks for sharing.