Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The not so Enicar: Enicar Ocean Pearl Day Date

Enicar Day Date

Enicar was a Swiss watch manufacturing factory with rich heritage and history. However Enicar did not survive the turbulence Quartz Revolution and was declared bankrupt in 1988. The current Enicar is an Asian based company. This watch of mine is a product of the later. For those who are interested in the Legend of Enicar can visit the sites below:

1) The Watching --- The Enicar History
2) History of Enicar S.A.

When you mention Enicar, my first impression will be its Jupiter logo. I grew up seeing Enicar, Bulova, Sandoz, Titus with somewhat similar patterns and casings. Sometimes I do wonder whether they were all coming from the same backyard factory. 

What is missing for this watch is the usual Cyclops lens for the date. 

This watch is another Rolex looks alike. It is a duo tones with gold plated and stainless steel combination. It has a very beautiful highly decorative dial, which has alternating ruby and clear crystal hour markers & a crystal-studded trim. 

The gold plated crown has an embossing of Enicar logo.

The Enicar signed fold over clasp. Geee did not notice I need a new pin for the bracelet.

The screw in case back has the somewhat cartoon-like Shark jumping towards Jupiter engraving. It is stated Enicar Ocean Pearl. The old Swiss Enicar did have a series on Ocean Pearl thou.

I found these photos showing the movement of this watch on ebay by seller Chudysisi from Hong Kong. The movement is labelled as AR 2169 and is gold plated with 25 jewels. Actually it is the same as ETA 2834-2.

Will end this post with an echoing of what is written on "The History of Enicar S.A.": - "Swiss made ENICAR watches (1913-1988) were and still are high end wrist watches, that were/are equaling the quality of watches made by Rolex, Omega, and IWC." Erererrrrrr does that apply to my Enicar?????

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