Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Modified Vintage Swiss Made Chronograph

Modified 7733

Ex-Bulova; Current Jaquet Droz

This is my another Valjoux 7733... Is actually a Bulova chronograph... The case and the gold plated Bulova signed 17 jewels hand wound movement are in excellent form.  However the dial is in pretty bad condition so I have no choice but to find a replacement dial for it... Too bad I can't get a Bulova replacement dial for this model and to send the dial for refurbishing may take ages.  In the end, I decide to use whatever that fit in... I got this NOS dial from US.... So here it is...

Yema Meangraf Super

This is a totally different story from the Bulova. When I received this Meangraf, I noticed the case was broken. It is the 60's or early 1970's chrome casing with the base metal exposed ... the crown, the push buttons all showing sign of corrosive.... So I have no choice but to purchase this Sandoz stainless steel casing for 7733 movement. I do have the Sandoz dial for 7733 also.. but Yema Meangraf is kind of rare... Therefore I kept the original dial and come up with a new casing Yema Meangraf Super... 

More photos of Meangraf Super can be found here!

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