Monday, July 12, 2010

One and only...

The Rarest Rolex Replica

First I would clarify that I never promote Rolex replica or replica watches. Rolex and Genuine watches are far more superior in quality, craftmanship, values for money, and services than cheap replicas. Replicas are junks and worthless products. I will only buy replicas under 2 conditions: to study the watch and if the design is creative. It will be pure insanity if you are going to do what I have done here to genuine Rolexes.

This is actually an old friend's Rolex turn-o-graph 116264 replica. He gave me the watch when the bracelet broken and the turning bezel chrome faded. I changed the bezel to the normal oyster replica bezel that is make of stainless steel. Besides I changed the Chinese engine to a more reliable 21 jewels Citizen Miyota movement. The iconic red "second" hand and the hour-minutes hands were replaced with a set of hands from Rolex Explorer II replica...... The glass is sapphire crystal too. I also replaced the bracelet using the Rolex president replica bracelet  with hidden clasp. In the end, here is the one and only Rolex replica of unknown model. The box showed in the picture is also a Rolex replica box. 

The one thing I might do in the future is to change the Rolex logo of the dial to the original gold Rolex logo. 

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