Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Tudor collection

Tudor, the Rolex's little brother... Before year 2009, Tudor design is somewhat similar to Rolex oyster. Tudor initially used Tudor rose as its logo; the rose was replaced with Shield logo in the late 1960's. Rolex signed bracelets, crowns and case back were part of the Tudor watches until the 1990's.  The main different between Rolex and Tudor is the movement used. Tudor watches are usually equipped with third party movement like ETA and Valjoux with few modifications, whereas Rolex uses mainly its own in-house movement. The quality of material used is also different; Rolex used higher grade stainless steel in crafting its solid case. Most Tudor gold are gold plated, which is unlike Rolex using only Solid 18K or 14K. Tudor watches are more moderate in pricing and more affordable by general public. 

Tudor Prince Day-Date (Tudor President)

This is the 1990's model with sapphire glass and also Tudor shield marked crown.

Tudor Prince Date

I believe this is the early 1980's model with Rolex crown 

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