Saturday, February 8, 2014

Someone's Junk, can always be My Treasure: Restoring Citizen New Master 22

Riches in Trash

Sometimes in June 2013, I wrote about a watch I bought from scrap-yard. It was in a horrible state... I wasn't sure whether I am in the right state of mind to pay the ransom for it. Well it was just a dime or two; but to restore a watch like this, is a hazard business. You can probably buy one in a premier condition for less than the total cost.... As the name Watchopenia suggested; it is about insanity with watches and romancing with timepieces......

Here is the initial posting: "Coming back from scrap yard....Rescuing vintage Citizen New Master". Belows are some photos abstracted from the posting.

After spending a good RM80 on the repairing bill and a waiting period of 6 months, I got myself a sweet, gorgeous looking Citizen New Master 22. My watchmaker basically ultrasonic bubble bathing the watch, polishing the 37.5mm in diameter stainless steel case (shinning mirror finishing on top and bottom; brushed finishing on both sides), replacing the acrylic crystal, replaced the main spring of the movement and oiled the whole movement..... In the end, the result was quite satisfactory.... 
I got it wrong with the dial; the dial condition is quite horrible and I do doubt that I can easily find a replacement for it.
I also managed to get a good leather strap with a matching silver buckle for this new watch in my collection. Something worth mentioning is that Citizen 8270A, the handwinding 17 Jewels Japanese movement beating at 21,600 A/h is a genuine work horse and can run and run and run........ 


  1. hi, bumped into your site and discovered this nice looking citizen watch.just to ask you if this is a an uncommon watch because for the first time i see the 12oclock marker is represented by a crown.
    if it is worth having i will look for one over the internet.
    mr lee

    1. Many, but certainly not all Newmaster or New Masters had a crown at 12.00.

  2. Interesting blog! I wonder how much can cost a repair like this?

  3. I paid RM80 for the repairing.... which is about USD20 or less.