Thursday, February 13, 2014

Remembering the time: King Seiko 5246-5010

King Seiko ~ TV shaped

The previous post was with the President.... So today I am going to party with the King...... Here is a 1970's Television set.... During the time, TV came in a cheaper version of Black and White screen or more expensive Colour set.

Below is a vintage King Seiko from January 1973. King Seiko (KS) was produced in 1960's till 1970's by Daini Seikosha Co., as an internal rivalry to the Grand Seiko (GS) by Suwa Seikosha Co. This KS 5246 has a retro looking 1970's TV shaped case. I think the case is gold capped or gold filled. The case is measuring 35mm x 39mm and has a thickness of 9mm.

Its crown is unsigned and is gold plated. It has a semi sphere shape and is quite easy to wind and adjust time. 

This watch has a protruding acrylic crystal. I don't really know how to describe the dial. The current colour maybe due to aging process. It is still a gold dial with slightly darken brown.

The dial has nice gold Seiko and KS emblem. This watch has gold baton hands with a black highlighter. The day-date window has an elevated golden frame surrounding it. The day disc is in English and Chinese language. The blue character showed day six or Saturday.  

From my research, this 5246-5010 was originally equipped with a gold bracelet. The time I received this one, it is with a inferior leather band. I have since replaced with a brown colour classic looking Italian Cowhide strap with a gold-plated buckle.

This classic has a snap-on solid stainless steel case back with the movement and case number 5246-5010 on it. The case back also marked the country of its origin and with a Daini logo.

Behind the case back lies a high grade Seiko 5246 automatic movement with hand winding capability and hacking function. Both the day and date can be quick set and advance instantaneously at midnight. 

Calibre 5246 is a 25 Jewels movement beating at 28.800 bph, The 52KS calibre is the first automatic Hi-Beat KS. Although the 52KS may have lagged in the frequency race against the 36,000 beats GS, but it held its own in terms of accuracy and durability. 

Currently Grand Seiko has been crowned as flagship models of Seiko watches, but in no way that a King Seiko is anything less than a Grand Seiko......

Below is a vintage advertisement of King Seiko 52 (It is for a different variant thou).


  1. I have one, it's got a silvery-graphite color dial. I have a black leather strap on it. It's not perfect but I have some pictures of it that I would be willing to send you if you would like to see them!

    1. Certainly would love to have a look......

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