Friday, February 14, 2014

Majestic Titoni: Titoni Cosmo King

Titoni Cosmo King Day-Date 747

Today is the Chinese Lantern Festival which marked an end to Chinese New Year 2014 celebration. The first full moon in Lunar calendar.....  Apart from eating and drinking, is about fireworks, fire crackers, Lanterns, floating lanterns, sailing lanterns, quality family time.....

And ohhhhhh ya this year, it is in conjunction with the Valentine day...... I could not recall whether I ever said or got the chance to even ask someone "Would you be my Valentine?".... See, the truth is.... usually I am the one at the receiving end hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

Is always easy to buy a valentine gift for a man...... Men's accessories are so limited.... I think if you conduct a survey, watches would be among the most common gifts for men. Nope, below is not a Valentine gift.... But if any girl wants to shower me with gift, a watch, a Titoni, a Cosmo King could not do you any wrong........

Here is a Titoni Cosmo King, my wife bought for me a few year back.... certainly not on Valentine day. This is exactly the same model as the one I posted HERE, but with a stoned dial. This is the last batch of Titoni Cosmo King that has the traditional Oyster style case and President bracelet. The case and the bracelet are all gold plated.

This watch has a beautiful champagne dial nicely decorated with 57 Swarovski stones. It also used 10 rubies as its hour markers. This magnificent dial is protected by sapphire crystal with a magnifying cyclops lens at 3 o'clock position. 

The crown is with Titoni's plum blossom flower logo and is gold plated. It is a screw and lock type for better water resistance. The back case is a beautifully engraved solid stainless steel piece and is screw in type.

With this final Monarchy batch of Titoni, the folding clasp has a Titoni's logo emblem on it and the word Titoni is laser engraved on the clasp just beneath the emblem. 

My wife paid a handsome RM2.3K for this watch.... is a little bit much, but is the only remaining "New Old Stock" for that particular shop. 

This is truly a good quality watch...... a gift that can last a life time..... a love that can be worn on the wrist everyday as a gently reminder of that special someone..........

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