Saturday, February 1, 2014

My very first Branded Watch: Rado Diastar

Rado Diastar The Original

This is the first branded watch I bought. During then, I was just a poor college student. I remembered vividly that I paid RM 470 for this timepiece back in 1993. The other choices I had were a Titoni Cosmo King with acrylic crystal and a duo-tones U.S. Polo Association with ETA 2834-2 and sapphire crystal. I finally settled for this one. I remembered that the gold coloured Rado model calling for staggering RM 960, which was way way over my budget. 
I finally settled for this one. The stainless steel model with sapphire crystal. This is really a work horse and has been faithfully servicing me for the past 20 years. The only time I had a problem with it was when I dropped it. It costed me AUD 50.00 for sending it to Rado Melbourne Servicing Center and getting a broken spring replaced. 

This watch has oval shaped case make of Tungsten and is scratch-proof. However I heard it will break thou.

The NSA stainless steel bracelet is still in good condition despite extensive wear.

One of the features that caught my attention during them is the Rado wording engraving at the side of the case. It really won my heart.

The only set-back for me with this one is the dial. The design of the dial looks really childish and for me is intolerably ugly! Back then, this is the only good watch that I can afford... hhahahahaaaaaaaaaaa not that I can afford any better by now.......

The anchor logo crown and the rotating anchor logo have been a constant reminder of the quality of Rado watches......... I never have any regret with buying this watch. It has served me well during my college years, during my graduation and during my wedding ceremony......


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