Monday, February 10, 2014


What a good start! What a recognition!

I started to write this Watchopenia blog, just as a platform to share my shallow knowledge on watches and also to share my joys and fun on my humble collection of watches. There were time, I was lazy.... there were also incidents that I found myself very hard to cope with my existing workloads and responsibilities..... there were also time when I wonder if anyone would read this blog at all...... When comes to blogging, I am a handicap from numerous angles.... Firstly, I don't possess good English writing skills., Secondly, my understanding on watches and their mechanics are so limited and narrowed., Thirdly, I do not have any good camera and my photographing skill is by any standard Kindergarten grade.... and finally, I am totally a dummy in blog writing and computer graphic and designing.
I was kind of shocked when a friend notified me that elected Watchopenia as one of the Best Watch Blogs......

According to

"Best Watch Blogs

The watch blogs selected for this award stand out for their high quality and passion. They excellently show their readers what makes watches fascinating.To find them, we looked thoroughly through what's available online. These blogs are the best we found.

All winners on this list can include the award badge on their blog.

Ranked 12) Watchopenia

Watchopenia is a hidden gem. It has in-depth articles that discuss watches in detail. Particular brands the author likes include Seiko, Rolex and Titoni. Articles often include gorgeous pictures from a variety of angles."

My heartiest thanks to! You have made my day...... Your recognition is my motivation to make this blog a better one!!!

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  1. We at Shobia think your blog is great! Very much enjoy the pictures of watches and the variety of your selection.

    Maybe you could add a link in your post to the list? That way readers could see the other high quality watch blogs.


  2. (also, thanks again for the quite enjoyable blog!)