Monday, February 17, 2014

Rare Funky Design: Citizen Leopard 28800

Citizen Leopard without the Leopard

I blogged about my another Citizen Leopard HERE and wrote quite an extensive and comprehensive piece. I won't go into Citizen Leopard but just this particular watch with some add on information I found on Citizen Leopard since August last year.

This is a Citizen Leopard from early 1970's as its design truly reflects the culture of that era. This is an all stainless steel automatic watch. The case looks like a shield or even a helmet. This case is lugless and is covered with a faceted mineral glass. 

When I was saying this watch has a 70's funky design, I was more referring to its dial. The dial is blue in colour with a lighter patch at the center. Is not really a gradient colour effect, nor is it a sun radiance effect. If you look carefully, there are somewhat messy pattern on the dial. It looks like someone scratching here and there or polishing the car in a wrongfully manner. I would classified this as a textile dial. 

The gold baton raised hour markers as well as the gold raised Citizen wording and the day-date window gold frame added character to the dial. 

This Leopard watch does not have the Leopard logo or drawing on its dial. But it is stated 28,800 and Leopard 26 Jewels. 

The stainless steel crown of this watch is at 4 o'clock position and is somewhat concealed inside the case. The crown is signed with "CTZ". 

Another merit of this watch is its stainless steel bracelet. The bracelet is a single link construction and is of very solid stainless steel. The bracelet is brushed polish to perfection. The folding clasp is signed with raised Citizen wording. 

The stainless steel caseback is screw in type. From the caseback, we know that this is the later Leopard variant that utilised the Citizen in-house 7700 movement. The same movement is also being used in the flagship Citizen watches that rival with Grand Seiko at that era. 

Be very honest about it.... I am more a classical looking watch fan.... A more standard shaped, a black or white dial or golden dial type....  I think sometime is more an impulsive collection urge that got the better of me. 

I shared with you, my internet finding of magazines' articles on Citizen Leopard....

Ending this post with a photo of a leopard slumbered on a tree.....

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