Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Girard Perregaux High Frequency

"223 Years Devoted to the Art of Watchmaking", "A Rich Heritage Richly Preserved"... those are the slogans I came across while flicking through the vintage GP's advertisements. I always love the 3 P's of Swiss Watchmaking industry; namely PP, AP and GP.......
I posted my another Girard Perregaux High Frequency black dial back in June 2013. This is an identical twin but with the original bracelet and with a milky yellow dial. 

The stainless steel case is measuring 36mm without the crown. This watch has an acrylic crystal. The dial is 29-30mm. It is simple and easy to read time. This watch has the day and date function at 3 o'clock position.

Despite being 40 over years old, the watch still with its original stainless steel bracelet intact. 

There is a gorgeous GP embossing on the fold over clasp and also the watch crown. 

The screw in case back has the GP's crest engraved at the inner surface. 

In 1965, GIRARD-PERREGAUX developed & manufactured the first high-frequency mechanical movement, with a balance making 36,000 vibrations per hour. This GIRARD-PERREGAUX Gyromatic High Frequency is a well-preserved testimony of one of the company's veritable technical breakthroughs.



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