Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Titoni Cosmo King Collection

My first encounter with Cosmo King was one on my dad's wrist during the early 1980's. It was a stainless steel day-date cosmo king with 25 jewels and a black dial. It was quite heavy and well constructed. Seeing the sweep smooth second hand passing by and by and hearing the tic-tac sound of the movement made my heart pounding with joy. I remembered my old man told me Titoni watch is of high quality and will last for ages. One of my regret in life is I never know what happened to that particular titoni. My dad bought a Rolex Oyster 1601 in 1986 with the sum of RM2,000.00. That Rolex was passed on to me on 2003.

My Collection of Titoni Cosmo King

In this blog I will share with you my private collection of Titoni watches. It takes great amount of time, fund, and effort to restore these wathes. Therefore, all watches are not for sale. I am sorry if my watches seduce you in anyway.

My oldest Cosmo King

I suspect this is one of the oldest Titoni Cosmo King around. I guess it was produced during the 1950's or 1960's. This is a genuine piece that I bought from Singapore.... Everything is functioning well and the watch is keeping good time. The dial showed sign of aging and may need refurbish.... the difficult part is the disc for the day and date... some numbers and words are worn off... still trying to look for spare....

Rarest Cosmo King?

A friend of mine bought this from an antique shop in Hong Kong. When I first saw it, I am relatively doubtful. I never saw a Titoni Cosmo King with this kind of casing. The movement, the dial, the back case, the crown all very minty and original.... I will try to find out whether the stainless steel case is truly titoni cosmo king......

My ordinary Titoni

Nothing special but yet every single one is special and of sentimental values........

Jewels dial
The wonderful trio
Full diamond dial Cosmo King (Super President)
Cosmo King Date 707-360

The last monarch


Cosmo King 14K RIM

This batch of cosmo king came with 14K gold or white gold rim. They are particularly rare. To find one in extremely good conditions is a challenge that I enjoyed. Even in pretty broken conditions, I love the task of resurcitating them. The original spares are running out with time... I would suggest established watch company to continue produce spare for at least 50 years after the production of a certain model ceased. Although the cost will be tremendous but the intimate relationship between the watch maker and the customers will be priceless...

Rare blue dial 14k
Day-date 14K champagne dial

Contemporary Cosmo King

Cosmo King Mid size or Boy size

"More and many more to come...."


  1. i've a Titoni Cosmo King . It's in catalogue now.

  2. Do u ever seen 14k rim that don't have Cosmo King on dial? ( it just has " Titony automatic" on dial.)

    1. If you can show me a shot of the dial..... I have not seen one before. I suspect it may be a badly repainted dial, but I can't be certain unless inspect the dial closely. Thanks for bringing up the topic and I will research into this matter......

  3. Do u know the price range for 737-360 silver textile watch ? I happen to find one from my grandma collection, and she told me its my grandpa fav watch he worn in evening going out

    1. you are looking about USD 150-250 depending pretty much on the condition of the watch itself.
      If it is from your Grandfather, then it is priceless......

  4. may i know why the titoni logo some in red but some just silver? cause a old watch shop said that the red logo flower is fake and the piece without red flower is original but i saw your collection got red flower too so quite
    blur with this logo issue. anyone can clear my doubts?

    1. No doubt a lot of fake Titoni around..... But the red logo or plain logo showed here are all genuine articles. Titoni of late 1980's and 1990's have the red logo.....

    2. Hi, do you have any idea where to get spare parts for TITONI,like the bezel?

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    4. If for older models, you can try asking in watch repair shops or ebay; most of the time you need to salvage from donor watches..... the genuine spares are getting less and less with time.......

  5. anyone got a titoni original bracelet(GOLD)