Saturday, December 7, 2013

Titoni Cosmo King Boysize

Should call this Titoni Cosmo Prince: Titoni 727

This is the last batch of Titoni Cosmo King that have the Rolex Oyster's look. It resembled Rolex pretty well, maybe that is the main reason Rolex launched a complain and leaded to discontinued of this model. This Titoni with sapphire glass is considered rare as they were only produced in very short period of time.

This is the boy size or midsize model. It is a two tones automatic watch with date function. The fluted bezels, the crown and the bracelet is plated to 10 Microns. 

It has a gold coloured dial with match stick hour markers and is equipped with Rolex jubilee style bracelet. 

The crown is screw in type with Titoni logo on it. 

The other significant feature of this watch is the clasp has a gold Titoni emblem attached.

The caseback also different from older Titoni Cosmo King. I still prefer the older bulkier looking caseback. This one too plain to my liking. 

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