Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seiko Diver 6309-7290

Another day, another diver.... 

With all honesty, I don't know how to swim. Neither can I dive. By every definition, I am a land creature. However I quite like the feeling of the calm and quietness that is under the sea...... I enjoy the pictures of the sea floor flora and fauna and its surrounding habitats..... I enjoy and appreciate watches that are meant for diving.....

The main course for today is the Seiko Diver 6309-7290. I did a write up about the small case Seiko Diver 6309-7920 Here.... As of today it will be a photos presentation of the more ordinary black insert bezel with black dial and Seiko Z22 rubber strap. 


  1. Any interest in selling this watch?

    1. Sorry.... not for sale.... But ebay is a good place to source for a 6309.... Be smart and you probably get a hell of a good deal... Good Luck my friend.