Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to open caseback of a Rolex or Rolex replica at home

My house use Rolex Opener

One pleasant evening, a friend dropped by and let me have a look of a Rolex replica he just acquired. It is the Homage for the latest 2013 Rolex GMT Master II ref. 116710. He wanted to know what movement it used. The seller claimed it is using the original ETA Swiss movement. 
My first impression of the watch is that it is a rather low grade replica. I told my friend the case is from China. The only merit I would give is the ceramic bezel it has. This is a stainless steel model (904L) and yet the case is stamped with 18K and 750. The crown is also poorly constructed and does not function well. The bi-directional bezel stuck as we trying to rotate. I won't go into details as how to detect a fake Rolex, so I will be focusing on how to remove the backcase of a genuine or a fake Rolex......

Here is the watch....

To open a Rolex style grooved case back, I am using this Bergeon 5537 kit. There are a lot of other tools that can be used to open the case back....... For me, this is the most handy and easy to operate... For a layman like me, this is the most economical and safest method to unveil what is inside a Rolex without scratching it hard.....

There are 6 chucks to fit different models of Rolex.

In fact a Japanese magazine came up with a chart for watchmakers to follow.....

To open a GMT Master II, I used the largest chucks in the box, The No.5 Chucks. First, we need to remove a screw of the bracelet, for us to work more freely with the back case. Then put the Chucks nicely align with the threads of the caseback.

Attach the key to the chuck and turned anti-clockwise to open the caseback. 

There you go, the replica movement. From the first look and looking at the engraving on the movement, it stated ETA 2836-2. It also has the ETA logo there and the movement is gold plated finishing. However for an experienced watchmaker or enthusiast, this is a China Made ETA movement. The quality of China Made is way below the Swiss. Also there are some very obvious differences and defects all over.....

Thinking buying a replica and paying a small fraction of the original price would get you something equivalent  is pure insanity......

What the Rolex Authorised dealers use?

This are all original Rolex tools. You need to be a Rolex Authorised Dealer and Repairer before you are being supplied with these tools. Sometime, you can buy old or used Rolex tools but the price is really scary.... May I say, anything associated with Rolex or Luxurious watches never come cheap.......


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