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Seiko LordMatic Square 5606-6020

Seiko LordMatic 5606-6020

Vintage Seiko's mechanical watches have been highly sought after lately. The momentum is gaining with the rise of Seiko's Purists, Seikoholics and mechanical watches enthusiasts. It becomes somewhat of a cult fetish. 
Seiko LordMatics or LM is a vintage Seiko watch series from late 1960's to 70's. It was what Seiko offered to fight with European brands for the middle working class market. Below is a catalogue scan from the year 1969-70; see the slogan used: "Watches for men On the way to the top"....... During the time, Seiko also used the phrase "Modern Masters of Time". 

There were probably hundreds of LM variants manufactured,with different case and dial variants, some of them very unique, very space like, very classic, and reminiscent of some of Seiko's most expensive offerings like Grand or King Seiko. Here I will share with you a variant that is in my private collection.... 

This is a square shaped LordMatic. Its dimension is 34mm x 42mm excluding its crown. This is a one piece or monocoque case. The watch can only be opened through its glass. This is clearly stated at the back of the case. 

This is a very clean and beautiful watch with white radiance dial. The dial is marked with slim match stick batons. This watch is with the day date functions that can be quickset using its unsigned crown. An emblem of steel LM  is the only witness proclaiming it to be in LordMatic family. There is a SUWA logo underneath the LM and the wording 23 jewels. 

From its serial number, this watch came out of Suwa factory, Japan on March 1974. 

Seiko had done extensive job back then in keeping the 5606 movement relatively thin. 

This is still a very gorgeous watch even after forty years and is ever going strong. According to The Seiko Book, production of the cal. 5606 movement started in 1968. The 5606 had a 21600 beat rate, offered quick set day and date, hand winding from the crown, and the ability to precisely set the seconds though a hacking lever. 

In my opinion, Seiko LM is pretty much a neglected and so often under-rated good watch.

Below is a Japanese domestic advertisement with the pricing for LM. 

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