Thursday, May 29, 2014

Modified 14K Cosmo King: A love and hate relationship with eBay!

A 14K Cosmo King without the 14K......

Bought this from a UK eBay watch seller who is rated as 100% feedback. I have collected Titoni for years, so I practically know what this so called Fully Authentic, 100% Genuine Titoni Cosmo King 14K is..... So always beware of buying from internet.... I bought this with one clear intention; this has been a nicely modded Cosmo King and is fully customized. 

To start with the acrylic glass is an aftermarket replacement. It is dome shaped without the cyclops magnifying lens for the date. A stainless steel Cosmo King 14K supposed to come with a white gold 14K Rolex style fluted bezel. You have to give credit to the seller. This is a customized machined smooth stainless steel bezel. Vintage Titoni Cosmo Kings size are slightly bigger than Rolex and other Rolex homages, therefore there is no readily available aftermarket bezel. 

The dial for this watch has been redone. It wasn't been done properly and I would rated this as a sloppy job. The date and day disc have been replaced with generic discs. The older Cosmo King using the short formed and an Arabic number to represent the day. The original day disc also has coloured scheme; from Monday to Friday using the green colour, Saturday using the blue and Sunday using the red. 

The minute and hour hands of this watch have also been modified with a set of classic sword hand. 

The crown on this watch is still genuine and original to this watch. 

The crown is used to set time only. There is no quick set day-date function with this watch. 

This Cosmo King is coupled with an aftermarket president style bracelet that is secured with the original Titoni's folding clasp.

The screw in caseback is in prime condition despite of its age. 

Internet and ebay market places are full of frauds. I really don't understand why the seller must stated this as a Genuine 14K rim Titoni. He or she would probably get a better price if honestly stated this as a customized Titoni.......

I kind of love ebay because it is an international market place and you can basically source all sort of items if you know what you are aftering....... But bidding system can sometime pushing the price unreasonably high. Hmmmmmmm then again eBay is basically just like any other auction houses like Sotheby and Christie. 

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