Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mervos Chronograph Valjoux 7733

Anyone knows anything about Mervos???

Been quite a while since I last updated this blog..... The difficult part is for me to arrange the time to take photos.... Sorry for the delay! I guess from time to time, we need to rejuvenate ourselves, so that we can walk further and in a more meaningful manner.....

I have no ideal about Mervos Watch Company. Some say it is associated with Croton; while I have seen Mervos chronograph built by Breitling. Mervos watches are somewhat rare entities. Here is a Mervos Chronograph that is in my humble collection. I believe this watch is from the late 1960's or 70's.  

By today standard, this is a medium sized chronograph, measuring 36mm excluding the crown. The case is stainless steel plated with acrylic crystal top. 

This is a fine handwinding chronograph with a beautiful dial. The white radiance dial is complimented with two blue tv shaped subdials. At the outer of the white dial is a black tachymeter scale that can be used to calculate speed and travelling time. Well, if the Mervos logo is a gold emblem, then it would look even more fabulous. The gold coloured hour marker batons and the gold hands add novelty to the watch. At the bottom of the dial, it proudly stated Swiss Made.

The crown for this watch is unsigned and honestly a little bit generic looking. The crown is big and is very easy to operate. It is relatively easy to wind and adjust the time. 

The case back is finely polished and is a snap on type. It is also unsigned. 

This watch is running on a Valjoux 7733 movement. 7733 is a 17 jewels mechanical winding movement that has a power reserve of 45 hours and a beat rate of 18,000 per hour. 

Despite little being know about the company Mervos..... this is still a very very stunning watch...... Below is my previous posts on Valjoux 7733:

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