Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Titus: After a few decades... on path to the century date

天长地久~~ Titus

This is a time capsule photo showing 1960's Hong Kong with the Titus advertisement board.

I am actually quite impressed with the recent advertisement campaign of the company with the theme "Time is Love". It is a very sentimental masterpiece, highlights the values of love, passionate, and trust......

Which basically prompt me into writing about this antique timepiece, Titus. How long is the history of this watch? I just have a wild guess, it might be well over half a century. All parts of this watch are still genuine and from factory. I only replaced the leather band. 
This is a mid size 30mm in diameter unisex watch. The stainless steel case is well constructed and survived without any serious injury. The silver dial is in fair condition, showing sign of aging and witnessing historical events one after the other.....  The star, the red colour 23 jewels, and the word DELUXE are barely visible now.  The three hands still sweeping away the time quietly without much complain. 

The Titus logo signed crown still serve the watch faithfully. It is still very smooth for winding the mechanism and also adjusting the time. 

The screw in caseback is flat and with engraving of Titus and some vital information.

This is the 23 jewels FHF 552 handwinding movement. It is signed with Solvil et Titus, Geneva, Swiss and is adjusted. Under my loving tender care, I have little doubt that this watch will still be beating strong in another 40 to 50 years time. It is a 100 years contract and promise between the two loving souls witnessed by their Solvil et Titus.

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