Monday, April 8, 2013

From afar is a Rolex... Sandoz

Where are you from Mr. Sandoz Day-Date Duo Tones?

Sometimes, I find it very hard to start writing a post. I tend to running out of ideal about what to write. Thing can be simple by just following a single formula or just fill in a standard form..... but that will not serve any purpose. It will just bore everyone to death.... Maybe I am just not that resourceful in running a blog.... Errerrr off track a lot.... Sandoz the topic of today... Sandoz is a strange entity.... There is always the argument of Swiss made, Swiss Movement, Swiss, Swiss engine cased elsewhere, so on and so forth. My first encounter with Sandoz was when my father bought a Sandoz lady's quartz watch for my sister during her high school years. It was a gold plated square 3 hands simple watch. I remembered the word "Swiss" at the bottom of the dial and the stainless steel case back. 

History of Sandoz: (recited from Wikipedia)

Sandoz is a Swiss watch brand, originally established in the late 19th century by Henri Sandoz near Tavannes, Switzerland. There are now many variations of the Sandoz name which are used by at least four different companies around the world.
Since 1971 the Sandoz brand name has been split into four main areas of production, due to its licences being leased or sold. This has led to four separate brands, Sandoz Singapore, Sandoz Hong Kong, Sandoz Swiss, and Sandoz Spain (Munreco). All of these produce watches under the Sandoz name, but each production company has its own line of products. Sandoz Swiss manufactures high quality watches, while Sandoz Hong Kong and Sandoz Singapore manufacture cheaper watches of lower quality. Sandoz Hong Kong products are assembled in Hong Kong using Swiss movements from ETA.
Nowadays I love to look for vintage watch advertisement, here are two for Sandoz....

This watch was bought from a Hong Kong friend who is also an active ebay and second hands watches seller "YeeKei78". I have a profound love for this type of design. The famous rolex oyster case design with jubilee bracelet. This is a two tones watches with stainless steel and gold plated combination. The outlook of this watch resembles those of Rolex datejust. This particular watch maybe from the late 1980's to early 1990's era, where acrylic crystal still in used. From late 1990's onward, sapphire crystal has become the mainstream. 

This is quite an elegant gold dial. It has small synthetic diamonds surround the outer circumference. There are also 10 bigger size synthetic diamonds served as indices for the watch. 

The dial stated "Swiss ETA; Automatic; 25 jewels"; At the bottom of the dial it is written "Montres Sandoz S.A". I am suspecting this Sandoz watch is Hong Kong assembled using Swiss ETA movement. 

The gold plated ETA 2834-2 are highly reliable high beat calibre (28,800 bph) with 25 jewels. This movement usually keep superb time and quite maintenance free. If you do take a good care of your watch, the ETA 2834 movement can really last you for more than half a century or even more. 

The newer Sandoz has the see through case back, but with this one it is still the monotonous stainless steel case back. It has details of the movement engraved on it. 

Unlike Rolex, this Sandoz does not have the screw down crown. You only need to pull the crown out to adjust time, day and date. The crown is signed with a Big S and a shield covering it. The buckle of the watch on the other hand has a big S. Nothing much to shout about the bracelet. I bought this Sandoz during my craze for Rolex looks alike watches and also for the sake of owning a Sandoz watch.

Despite what being said, this kind of watch is still a value for money if you are looking for an affordable, presentable and reliable wristwatch. ETA 2834-2 is an entry level for those who are passionate about mechanical and automatic watches. 


  1. Like this one, I now want to buy a Wristwatch,rolex liked, but I do not know that a good pick , you help to the point.