Monday, April 8, 2013

Romance is the keyword! Ernest Borel!

Ernest Borel by Synchron

You have to give it to me, you need to applaud me.... I have this impulsive buying habit. Frankly, before this, I had never heard of the brand Ernest Borel. Good grief, all I know is this watch is appealing to me .Ernest Borel is founded by Mr Jules Borel in 1856 in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Ernest Borel won several awards in the late 19th century. The company was run by the Borel family until 1975 when, owing to the Quartz revolution, it was sold to the Synchron Group. The manufacturer's life-time warranty on movements sets Ernest Borel apart from most competitors.

As you can see this is a simple automatic watch. It is a 3 hands with a date function at 3 o'clock. The watch has an interesting single piece solid case of oval square. It has a silver dial and a silver hands. The date is in red colour.

This watch also has "Synchron" branding, which means that it was manufactured after 1975. The only visible difference between the pre and post Synchron watches is the name engraved on the movement and the logo on the crown. With this particular watch there is also Synchron logo on its caseback.

This watch used the 25 jewels A.Schild movement ~ AS 2063. This is among the last few automatic movements before AS, Grenchen winded up its business. AS 2063 is the fruit of 40 years research and experience of A.Schild. This automatic movement can be hand wind and it also offer a quick set date function. Looking at the movement, this movement is robust and undecorated. AS 2063 was produced in between 1969-1978. 

Ernest Borel has always concentrated on market outside Europe and mainly focus on Asia's market. Today, it produced exquisitely elegant, admirably designed automatic and quartz-movement wrist watches. This is a watch company that Romance in heart since 1856.


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