Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seiko Crown: An antique gentleman's dress watch.

Seiko Crown: Simple and nice

I posted about a Seiko Crown 21 Jewels under the title "Yesterday Beauty, Today Classic, Tomorrow Treasure" back in February this year. 

Here I have a stainless steel Seiko Crown measuring 34mm in diameter. This one can be dated back to 1959 or probably 1960.

Most parts of this watch is in prime condition except for its white dial. The white dial has spots of aging, but the deterioration is in a graceful way. 

The gold hour markers and the gold hands give the watch a classical noble look in contrasting with the white background. I also love the curved acrylic crystal, it makes this watch a timeless classic.

This is a simple watch..... it has a core function only, that is to tell time. No excessive design pattern, no excessive un-necessary function, just a plain old time teller. 

At the heart of this old faithful is the Seikosha 19 Jewels Cal. 560. It is a manual winding movement that still keep reasonable time after half a century....... so really nothing to complain about.......

Lately, I have seen the price of vintage watches escalating... As a collector, I do have a mix feeling. At one hand, my collections have become a little more precious; on the other, is become very expensive to acquire another piece. Life is never perfect......

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