Monday, December 22, 2014

Out of the Blue: Pronto Tropic Master

My Infatuation with Rolex look alike again: Pronto Again

Must have bought this one semi consciously or probably under hypnotic. That is how bad my infatuation with Rolex look alike. I guess this one must had came from Ebay Hong Kong. I don't know when and I don't know how.  It is a used unit that need some touch up. 

But I do know what may have prompt me into buying mode. It was the aquatic blue Topaz like hour markers that synchronized well with the yellow gold champagne dial. 

This is a male President model with a diameter of 38mm excluding its crown. I pretty sure the glass is a replacement as it is missing the usual magnifying cyclops lens at the 3 o'clock for the date. The date window has an elevated gold window frame. 

I always love the Pronto logo and Pronto emblems on the dial. The only discontent I have is the day and date disks of this watch are with white background. Well the black and white does make reading a little bit easy but it is losing the harmony with the champagne dial. But that is only my two cents worth.

Well the yellow gold coloured fluted bezel and the screw down signed crown have shown considerable sign of wear and age.......

So is the golden middle segment of the two tones president style bracelet. Well it is going to be hard to find Pronto replacement. But all these parts are interchangeable with other Rolex Oyster homage or if you have a very very deep pocket then original Rolex SA parts. 

The pronto clasp is always very short but properly signed. I think this is a distinctive feature of Pronto comparing to other Rolex Oyster homages. 

The back case is a stainless steel screw in type with a window display. You can clearly appreciate the gold plated ETA 2834-2 Swiss movement. 

Pronto is among the few homages that actually labelled itself as Swiss Made on its dial and at the back case. The use of "Swiss Made" is governed by an ordinance of the Swiss Federal Council dated 1971.  

In general, a watch is considered Swiss when whose movement is Swiss; and is encased in Switzerland and whose final control by the manufacturer takes place in Switzerland.

One thing for sure, all these Rolex homages are very well made. The Rolex Oyster designs are here to stay. It is both contemporary and classic........

Do not know how many Rolex look alike I am going to post.... It seems like I am never getting tired of writing about all these........

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