Friday, March 29, 2013

Thong Sia Limited Edition Seiko

Seiko Presage – SSA011J

I am not a watch dealer. I have no association with Thong Sia Ptd Ltd or Seiko. This is a limited edition Seiko Presage that Thong Sia Group presented to its selected dealers during year ends as a gift of appreciation. It is also a commemorative souvenir in conjunction with Seiko 130th anniversary. How did I get hold of this? I basically bet for it.

Kind of disappointed as this is not a newly designed watch. It is just a normal Seiko Presage SSA011J with a custom caseback or should I say an engraved case back.

Thong Sia has put in the effort of packing the watch inside customized watch box and with a lovely little note.  

For me, an ideal corporate gift should have something visible on the surface. It should easily draw attention and make whoever wearing the watch, proud of the company he or she is associated with. One good example is the Rolex Coca Cola....

Seiko Presage uses 4R37 movement that features hack and handwind as well as a 24 hour sub-dial at the 11 o’clock position. This hand cannot be set independently. It can however tell you whether you are in AM or PM time when your are setting the time. The automatic day calendar 4R37 movement is used in Seiko Presage line and Seiko 5 Superior line. Personally I see the 24 jewels 4R37 as an upgraded movement that replacing the good old 7S26 (21 jewels automatic movement that used so rampantly in Seiko 5 series) and 7S36 (23 jewels automatic movement that is powering the Seiko 5 Superior and Seiko 5 Sports).

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